• Low cost Efficient Vapor Recovery System at Retail Outlets - IndianOil
  • Innovative Re-refining of used lubricating oils without solvent / acid treatment - IndianOil
  • Low cost production of Hydrogen- IndianOil
  • Innovative scheme for zero effluent in refineries - IndianOil
  • Molecular modeling / design of inter phase molecule for dispersion of nano- materials in HC media- IndianOil
  • Environmental Friendly Disposal of Insulation material like ceramic blanket / glass wool etc- IndianOil
  • LPG Cylinder Safety Aspects- IndianOil
  • Waste to Fuels / Energy- IndianOil
  • Low cost, high accuracy (+/- 10%) onsite lubricant testing kit- IndianOil
  • Low cost Hose for Aviation Re-fueller- IndianOil
  • Low cost Filter Monitor for Aviation Re-fueller- IndianOil
  • Corrosion Resistant Dome type Tank Roof- IndianOil
  • Development of Visco-elastic Type Coating- IndianOil
  • Any other in the area of Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon sector, as applicable to IndianOil- IndianOil
  • Online fuelling System & Inventory Management for Retail Outlets- IndianOil
  • Portable Bio- toilets for Retail Outlets- IndianOil
  • Intelligent 3D modeling of Projects- IndianOil
  • Retail Outlet Management System- IndianOil
  • Oil Terminal Management System- IndianOil
  • Remote monitoring of pipeline right of way and critical pipeline parameters- IndianOil
  • Automation of Auxiliary Processes at LPG Plants - IndianOil
  • App based solution for meeting retail customer needs - IndianOil
  • Simplification/Automation of the administrative processes - IndianOil
  • Interactive Air Gauge at Retail Outlets - IndianOil
  • Safe Unloading and Loading of LPG cylinders at Distributor’s Godown - IndianOil
  • Electronic leak detector for detecting body and bung leak of LPG cylinders - IndianOil
  • Low Cost Pipeline material for transportation of ATF - IndianOil
  • Any other in the area of Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon sector, as applicable to - IndianOil
  • Financial statement analysis in - APSRTC
  • Fund Flow analysis in - APSRTC
  • Transmission system in - APSRTC
  • Training and Development in - APSRTC
  • Monkloud -
  • -

What is Ankuras?

Ankuras is an innovative platform for college students to put forward their scientific and innovative ideas into a realistic way. The students own projects (Including academic projects) are brought on to a marketing line and by creating a technological repository where the students can store and exhibit their creative projects. As India is becoming a hub of start-ups Ankuras will be right choice to demonstrate the inventory ideas of students which is mutually beneficial to both students as well as country. By connecting incubators, investors, preparation of business projects boosts their Ankuras into a global business entity.

Generating Student ideas to business ventures

Form small team in colleges

Collaborate with local universities and affiliated colleges and forming teams on interest basis for idea generation.

Identifying social core problem / issue

Includes manufacturing / services that needs to be evolved into a solution.

Findout a solution with start-ups

Ready to launch start-ups. Brainstorming sessions at college levels in relation with the local investors and incubator / experts.

Market the start-ups with business Inputs

Converting idea-solutions-startup ventures into demandable business ventures with future technology systems.

We Empower Startups And Enable Them Reach New Heights! We believe in collaborative approach so as to groom the entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey and further enhance their business models and refine their monetization Model.

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